Spelling Walk

Spelling Walk is a spelling game whose objective is to get letters moving a robot across a board in order to form the correct word. The board is made of tiles, which disappear when the robot pass over them. So you have to plan the path carefully to guide the robot to get all the letters.

There is a level for younger kids in which tiles do not disappear and it is not possible to get an invalid letter.

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  • 5 levels with 100 words per level
  • Plus 1 Very Easy level for younger kids to start spelling
  • 2 languages for words: English and Spanish
  • No time stress, play totally relaxed
  • Resume play whenever you want
  • Reset any level to play it again
  • Reset the full game to start playing again

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Designed & Developed by Enrique Brandariz